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The OSS is hosting its second webinar on Wednesday 29 April (1-2pm) open to all involved in community sport.

Our panel has been drawn from different elements of the sport landscape and no discussion about youth sport would be complete without hearing from young people. Our panel is:

Maja Pilgaard (European sport researcher)

Ginny Stewart (Kelso Hockey Club Youth Coach)

Chris Stewart (multi-sport primary school participant from Kelso)

Anna McDiarmid (Sportscotland Young People’s Sport Panel)

So, when will it be safe to re-launch youth sport – in schools, clubs and informal sport activity? The answer to that question remains unclear, however, we do know that even when lockdown is lifted social distancing and a range of other COVID-19-related health and safety measures will be in place, potentially into 2021.

So, what does that mean for sport and which sports might return quickest? How do we organise sessions where players have to be two metres apart? That discussion has now started and people around the world are looking at how we use the positive aspects to emerge from the coronavirus period, such as a widening ability to use technology, and think creatively to ensure we can still take part in sport and enjoy the huge physical and mental health benefits that it brings.

We will see research showing how girls appear to be doing more activity than boys during lockdown, and share what they are doing, how they think we can overcome unprecedented hurdles and what they think the future holds for all forms of youth sport, formal and informal. We also want to hear from you as our series of webinars will help the OSS to compile data on how the outbreak is impacting youth sport and develop ideas that can help all those involved in youth sport – players, parents, coaches, administrators and others – to start to find a way forward in these strange and challenges going times.

We have set a £5.00 fee for the webinar to help us, as a charity, cover our costs, which we hope doesn’t put people off. Hopefully, what you learn will be well worth the fiver. Sign up here.