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The Observatory for Sport in Scotland (OSS) has launched the first in a series of monthly surveys investigating the impact of COVID-19 on Scottish community sport in all shapes and forms, aimed at local authorities, leisure trusts, sports bodies and clubs.

Over 100 people from across the community sport landscape took part in the first OSS webinar (watch below) and heard from an expert panel about the concerns of sport and leisure facilities, sport bodies and clubs around their ability to return to normal, and the opportunities that exist for sport to help communities recover from COVID-19. We shared data showing the development of the coronavirus and suggesting that many people indicated in a survey that they would not be comfortable re-engaging in organised sport until a coronavirus vaccine is available.

To understand more fully the current impact and expectations for coming months and more long-term in Scotland, the OSS is conducting research across the country over the coming months. All people and organisations involved in managing and delivering sport in Scotland are invited to take part in the first survey, which is deliberately short and easy to answer, to provide an early snapshot of the impact of the first month of lockdown on organisations, governing bodies and clubs. All responses will be confidential, and no respondent identified, but we will share the aggregated results with the public, Scottish Government and a range of stakeholders.

Further surveys in coming months will focus in more detail on different aspects of community sport, including youth sport and sport for older people, and we welcome your input to identifying key knowledge gaps. Send your thoughts to OSS Director David Ferguson at:

To take part in the first survey, click here.