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Scotland’s five main political parties will be taking part in a first OSS Elections Hustings where we will scrutinise political pledges for increasing and widening sport participation in the new parliament.

The OSS has been leading a campaign for a ‘National Conversation on Sport’s Role in Society’, as we seek to shift the focus from professional and elite sport’s recovery from Covid-19 to how the politicians can help communities across the country use sport activity in all shapes and forms to recover from the pandemic and lockdowns. The OSS Manifesto calls for a national conversation, to enable all people and organisations with an interest in community sport to be heard, alongside a national strategic forum and agreements, at national and local levels, to bring a more joined-up approach to delivering local activity for all ages and abilities.

The hour-long hustings is free and will focus on different areas of sport in the community, as it impacts on health, education, anti-social behaviour, community cohesion and local and national economies.

The hustings event will be hosted by OSS Chief Executive David Ferguson, a former national print and broadcast journalist, and we welcome questions from all who take part. A full video replay will also be available to those who register – to sign up click here or on the image below. Email any questions in advance to Research Officer Ryan Brown –

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  • Nick Moody says:

    When is facility development / design for indoor clubs to be to the same standard and exclusive use as in Europe ?
    For years indoor sports club development has lagged behind outdoor such as golf, football, rugby and cricket. The present facilities cater for leisure and recreation and restricted or expensive hourly rates.
    Indoor clubs are as a result small, no sense of identity or home within the community – you are simply regarded as another casual user that generates income . The result is few junior club members, no real standards or continuity. It’s been like this for over fifty years !