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Scottish football was the subject of the latest OSS event with Shelley Kerr managing to evoke some fascinating insights from Michael Stewart on his life and career, and Michael doing likewise with the¬†former Scotland women’s international defender and coach.

In the latest ‘In Conversation with…’ event, Kerr, the OSS Board member, interviewed her fellow BBC Scotland commentator, Stewart, whose career took him from Hutchison Vale Boys Club in Edinburgh to Manchester United at the age of 16, under the watchful eye of Sir Alex Ferguson. He returned north to play for both sides of the Edinburgh divide, Hibs and Hearts, and he shared a number of entertaining and insightful recollections of time under different managers, and alongside players such as Roy Keane.

Michael said: “It was great to be part of the event and I am delighted to support the Observatory for Sport and its work. It is crucial that we take an informed look at how our sport is developing and help people to improve community sport so that everyone can take part. I have young children myself and I just want them to be happy, playing whatever it is they like, but taking part in sport for fun is important to ensuring they have a healthy life.”

Shelley added: “It was great to welcome Michael to the latest OSS event, and we would like to thank all of the OSS Supporters for taking part in the event – some of the questions were certainly very well researched! The OSS is growing all the time as we bring people together to grow influence and investment in community sport and it’s no surprise that we have lots of leading sports people happy to share their stories from younger days, because it was community sport that gave us all the fun and enthusiasm to progress.”

The event welcomed a number of football club directors and former chairmen, and OSS Chairman Geoff Aberdein thanked them all for their input.

He added: “We had a great event ahead of the Calcutta Cup in February for OSS members, with Andy Nicol and Brian Moore, and this was another cracking night with two very entertaining speakers and very knowledgeable guests.

“It is great to have Shelley on board with us and Michael showing his support, because their experience and insight to sport helps us all to understand the role community sport plays in shaping lives. Both have obviously been involved at the highest levels with Scotland, but they are passionate about community sport, and that goes much wider than just football as we heard. They are very enthusiastic about helping us to spread the message of the value of supporting our communities, and with some former football club chairmen also attending the event there was a lot of real insight to football.”

The OSS holds exclusive events throughout the year for OSS Supporters, and more leading guests will provide unique insight ahead of the Olympic Games, British and Irish Lions tour, Ryder Cup and Ashes events later in 2021.