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COVID-19 and Sport for Older People: Challenges & Opportunities

Wednesday 13 May (1pm-2pm)


SCOTLAND tennis champion and coach Judy Murray is showing little sign of losing her enthusiasm for playing or coaching sport and at 60 believes that sport remains a key part of improving physical and mental health and wellbeing of all ages of people across Scotland.

In the third OSS webinar, we turn the spotlight on how COVID-19 is impacting on the lives of older people and what the future holds. How many people are missing their regular sport activity? How many have discovered just how much activity means to their lives? And with social distancing expected to be with us into 2021 how will we be able to get active when lockdown is over?

These and more questions will be put to our panellists with Brian Sloan, Chief Executive of Age Scotland, Vivian Wallace, Ageing Well Coordinator and Walking Football inspiration, and Professor Richard Davison will join Judy. Professor Davison will also share his latest research into how Scots are ageing with and without sport, as trends appear to be changing. We will also have Jenny Hastings, the inspiration behind the televised Street Aerobics during lockdown, and Maurice Donohue of the Sporting Memories Foundation, which supports people with dementia, involved in the discussion, so there will be plenty of chat to keep you going for the hour.

The webinar is free to everyone. However, as we are a charity organisation any donation would help us to produce more research and webinars, and continue to support sport’s recovery from COVID-19. If you would like to donate, click here. Our final webinar of the month, on Wednesday 27 May, will focus on school sport and the new normal for PE (more details on that next week). To register for Sport for Older People, click on the form below.