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Sports for the Future: Decline, Growth, Opportunity and Challenge

By 19 July 2019May 19th, 2021No Comments

Which sports are growing in Scotland and why? What is the changing balance between ‘organised’ and ‘informal’ sport and the implications for national governing bodies of sport? And is there any discernible link to role models and elite performance? (eg, have we witnessed an Andy Murray effect?)

These and more questions were tackled in the latest OSS commissioned paper analysing existing research in Scotland, including Scottish Government and sport body surveys, by Professor Simon Shibli of Sheffield Hallam University and the Sport Industry Research Centre. The big climbers include running and jogging, walking, multi-gym and weight training and keep fit classes, while the big fallers appear to be bowls, dancing and golf, with football also suffering. Why is that? Professor Shibli investigates.

This report is not intended to be an in-depth research study into each sport, but rather a summary paper analysing the data and offering potential reasons, to help stimulate discussion and debate and find solutions.

We would like to thank Professor Shibli, Sheffield Hallam University and the Sport Industry Research Centre. Anyone who would like to work with OSS on research topics, please get in touch here.


Sports for the Future Shibli