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ONE of the most encouraging aspects of the current coronavirus lockdown has been the coming-together of families and the Sporting Memories Foundation has provided some great resources to help people have some fun while in isolation.

The great sports quizzes, puzzles and activities can be used by all ages and are great for keeping he brain ticking over during this spell at home. Remembering great sporting moments or talking about personal connections to sport is a wonderful way of getting conversation flowing and encouraging companionship across the generations.

Sporting Memories Scotland is supporting people in isolation. Picture by Peter Devlin.

The SMF, guided in Scotland by Maurice Donohue and his fantastic team of staff and volunteers, has also brought back a great part of sports history with the ‘Pink” – recreating the Saturday night sports paper that used to be first with results and reports. SMF are now producing a weekly Sporting Pink digital version, available to everyone. To access the quizzes, activities and sign up for the Sporting Pink, click on the link # TalkAboutSport.

The #TalkAboutSport message is a new campaign launched by SMF, highlighting that sport is a wonderful way of sparking conversation, and will provide a route into a local club for many more thousands of like-minded people once the coronavirus lockdown is lifted. If you are on social media then spread the message as much as possible that it’s good to: #TalkAboutSport

The Sporting Memories Foundation is a charity founded in Scotland and dedicated to the development and use of sports reminiscence, inclusive physical activities and intergenerational activities to support isolated older people across the country. It (usually) runs 30 weekly Sporting Memories Clubs and 25 other Sporting Memories Groups that bring together younger generations and isolated older people living with long-term conditions such as dementia through sporting reminiscence and physical activities, with the aim of improving mental and physical well-being, reducing loneliness, and connecting people with social and health networks in the wider community.

For more information, visit the website here.