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National Sport Summit to tackle big issues

By 11 September 2019October 4th, 2019No Comments

OSS National Sport Summit

25 & 26 November, 2019

Tynecastle Stadium, Heart of Midlothian FC

OSS National Summit Programme

The Observatory for Sport in Scotland is to launch its first National Sport Summit in November, bringing together the key players in community sport from national government to local authorities, sport bodies to trusts and communities, to help grow sport participation and physical activity for all ages.

This vibrant international event seeks to accurately identify key issues and problems but more importantly share, discuss and debate solutions for all stakeholders in Scotland to build more sustainable community sport facilities and service delivery, and reduce barriers to regular activity for the very young to teenage children, working adults to people with disabilities and the older population. Research shows that participation rates in Scotland slide from 13 years and don’t recover, which is markedly different to Scandinavia, the Netherlands, New Zealand and elsewhere. Why is that? We investigate this with the help of colleagues from Scotland and those countries.

The Scottish business sector will be involved in studying how we create a healthier, more resilient workforce in the public and private worlds, and we will showcase new technology from around the globe powering the fast-growing ‘SportsTech’, esports and fitness trends – and debate their value.

The Summit welcomes people from across government, education and health to entrepreneurs, trusts, sport bodies and clubs, to share effective policy and practice, and discuss new policy and practice, that helps those at the sharp end of delivering activity to create a more sustainable impact on Scotland’s health and wellbeing.

A 20% discount on all ticket prices is available until 14 October using the code ‘earlybird’, and unique discounts are available for OSS Supporters, Universities, Third Sector and members of Community Leisure UK, SALSC, SSA and VOCAL. Sign up here.

OSS National Summit Programme