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OSS is independent of political parties and any other organisations. It is funded by donations from private individuals, charitable trusts and corporate organisations.

Why OSS is needed

OSS and its supporters believe sport to be a good thing; something to be enjoyed, somewhere to have fun and make friends, to develop resilience and to understand team being greater than self. Sport can be a positive force in improving physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Scotland is in a physical activity crisis. Inactivity is Scotland’s biggest health challenge with the nation now second only to the USA in global statistics around obesity (see Scottish Government report here). Obesity is also recognised as second only to smoking as the biggest preventable cause of cancer. Yet, being overweight is now the norm for Scottish adults with two-thirds (65%) of adults classed as overweight and almost one-third (29%) obese. The effect on our NHS and economy is severe. The annual cost of treating conditions associated with being overweight is estimated at between £363 million and £600 million, while the cost to Scotland’s economy, including lost productivity, is estimated to be as much as £4.6 billion.

Research shows that sport can play a significant part in addressing that crisis. So, OSS supports the Scottish Government’s Active Outcomes Framework, which is committed to making Scotland more active, and we believe greater understanding of how we grow and widen access to sport for everyone in every part of Scotland is central to effecting the culture change required to restore Scotland’s health.

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