Observatory for Sport in Scotland

Observatory for Sport in Scotland (OSS) Seminar. Glasgow October 2nd 2015

 “Community Sport in Scotland Dying? Dormant? Dynamic”


SCDI (Scottish Council for Development and Industry) News

Henrik Brandt tells Glasgow Community Sport in Scotland seminar that the Lottery Act has helped fund civic sport in Denmark since 1948

Henrik Brandt (Director of the Danish Institute of Sport) wrote after the Seminar:

 “The meeting clearly demonstrated the large and increasing number of stakeholders in Scottish (community) sport and the wide range of sectors that can actually be engaged/is involved in the delivery of sport.

“A successful Observatory could be the catalyst for new partnerships and new successful programmes.

  “The seminar meeting was in itself a proof for the need of an independent overview of the sector that can assist all stakeholders in developing their strategies and filling their role in community sport. Information should not be restricted to membership figures of organized sport, information should be accessible for all – it is not enough for figures to rest on the shelves of a ministry or a sports organization…

 “The efforts of municipalities, ministries, leisure trusts, social entrepreneurs, the commercial sector etc. are important as well and theirs is much to be gained by collecting and disseminating data and knowledge from them as well.

  “In times of cutbacks in the public sector maybe an observatory could also be instrumental in showing new ways to develop sport by engaging new stakeholders and empowering governing bodies, sports clubs, local facilities and communities, or innovative individuals in developing new ‘mindsets’, new initiatives and programmes. One should not forgot that the biggest ‘economy’ in community sport is probably still the voluntary work – but voluntary leaders also need access to knowledge and inspiration to deliver a better product.”


Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University of the West of Scotland (UWS)

Interest in developing the MoU came out of the Glasgow Seminar and after discussion and several drafts one was agreed between UWS and OSS in June 2016. The working relationship reflects the interests of both organisations to promote independent research to support the cause and development of community sport in Scotland